Time & Labor Management

A Flexible, Reliable and Easy to Use Web-Based Solution for Your Business.

Time & Labor Solutions helps your business become more effective and efficient. Mange your greatest asset — your workforce with an effective Time & Labor Management solution that is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

What is Time & Labor Management?

Tracking attendance behavior and productivity for performance reviews is challenging for most organizations. Collecting timesheets from remote locations and mobile personnel, making sure timesheets have been approved by the appropriate managers, and running reports for senior management are common challenges.

Why Use a Time & Labor Solution?

The system offers features such as notifications – like reminding employees employees to fill out timesheets – to reduce time associated with collecting and processing payroll data. Data synchronization of employee records, reason codes, schedules, benefit information, and other important data ensures all Payroll and Human Resources related applications run in parallel. Managers can quickly identify exception-based occurrences, analyze data collected, and forecast overtime. MMChr’s Time & Labor Solution helps you business manage and track your employees more efficiently and effectively.


  • Easily expand or scale back functionality to address the unique needs of each administrator, manager, and employee
  • Configurable labels and workflow simplify usage and increase system acceptance
  • Process pay rules for virtually any work environment with ease


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