Legal Counseling

We know that litigation can be costly, emotionally draining and is usually avoidable. Our trained staff can resolve your workplace disputes in a timely and professional manner. Alternative Dispute Resolution promises confidentiality while gently requiring parties to agree to resolve issues and avoid the burden of litigation.

Our ability to connect our clients with HR professionals on-site, online, and/or by telephone distinguishes us from others.  At MMC, we know that a happy workforce creates win-win results for all.  We accomplish this goal by providing the following:

  • Human Resources & Labor Law Consulting
  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Processing
  • Online HR Tools (Self-Service)
  • Risk Management
  • Workshop Training
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Accrual and PTO Management
  • Workplace Training & Pre-Employment Testing
  • H.R.I.S.
  • Insurances/Coverages

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Examples of how MMC can assist you with your conflict concerns

Lawsuits Settled Without Money Awards.

When an employee sued her employer for defamation and labor code violations arising out of a disputed job reference, MMC successfully negotiated the dismissal of the entire lawsuit for $0 along with a written apology and retracted reference. Because this matter was resolved immediately after the Complaint had been served on the employer, MMC was able to provide the employer with representation, meet with the parties, and negotiate this resolution without any additional expense to the employer.

Resolution Through Mediation

What happens when a contract employee resigns from work for a busy practice, and in violation of the notice requirements of their contract? For MMC’s clients, these matters are resolved through informal mediations, at no expense to the employer, and in a manner that yields win/win results. In one instance, the employee agreed to remain with their employer until the employer could identify a suitable candidate to assure minimum disruption to the practice.

Loss Prevention Counseling

Trust is a critical trait of a good employer-employee relationship and when employees engage in dishonest conduct such as embezzlement and theft, an employer can experience a wide array of emotions and damages including embarrassment, rage, a loss of business income and prospective clients. When an employer is confronted by such conduct MMC can assist with the coordination of an investigation, preparing legally binding stipulated judgments which secure repayment and permit the employer to execute a judgment in the event the employee fails to repay sums promised.

Free Grievance Representation For Employers

From time-to-time, employers need assistance with responding to concerns regarding potential lawsuit exposure from employees who claim they have been wrongfully disciplined, passed over for promotions, terminated, or not paid fairly. MMC has been able to effectively respond to these claims by engaging in informal negotiations, on behalf of its clients, which have consistently dismissed lawsuits in exchange for Severance Packages and/or Compromise and Release Agreements. This 24 year track record is remarkable considering MMC’s service to some 4000+ employees.

Our Story

A Little About Us

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