Safety and Security

Lower your liability and increase production.

Getting people paid properly can be a challenge. Whether you’re producing Web Content, Video Games, TV Commercials, or Print Ads. A Producer’s attention should be focused managing issues in production, and not being distracted by union agreements, labor laws and employment tax codes.

We specialize in helping organizations benefit from outsourcing, by increasing productivity and minimizing overhead costs. MMC takes care of entertainment production businesses from 1 employee to 500+ employees. Our customized HR Outsourcing, Consulting, and Payroll services will cater to your specific needs, whether you are a small team or a large organization.

Focus on the Creative Not the Administrative

  • Are you aware of the consequences of not filing your employer payroll taxes properly?
  • Are your employees misclassified?
  • Are they independent contractors or employees?
  • How are you managing your union and non-union employees?
  • Are you working under a union contract?
  • Regulatory guidelines – are you compliant?

Let MMC be your Employer of Record

Our Payroll, Benefits, Human Resources, and Labor Law departments are experts in all of these areas and will guide you through the nuances of the rules and regulations so your projects are produced efficiently.

Lower your liability and increase production by letting MMC’s experts handle the details of paying crew and answering any questions that might arise.

Let us file the payroll taxes, zero your liability, produce W2’s, and if there are any other issues MMC’s labor law department is behind you.

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