Princeton University Sizes Up Spirituality in the Workplace

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Princeton University’s, Business Today magazine has published an article entitled, “Spirituality in the Workplace,” written by MMC, Inc.’s, CEO Mashi Rahmani. The article is in the Spring 2009 issue of America’s largest student-run publication at Princeton University.Many business leaders have their opinion of how to attain business success, but for Mr. Rahmani, business success comes from those most important to an organization: its workers. This idea of “Spirituality in the Workplace” as Rahmani states in the article is more than just a concept; it is a practical method for attaining business success.”  Rahmani explains how important the age-old idea of ‘happy people make happy workers’ could mean to a business organization’s success.

“Human beings want to be treated fairly, equitably, and respectfully,” says Rahmani. On that note it is only understandable that when “an employee who feels their performance has an impact on shaping the organization and the larger community [he/she] exudes confidence and pride that makes his or her contributions to the organization invaluable.”

In the workplace, employees and employers alike should be sharing a common goal: to perform to the best of their ability and have their work appreciated. Contentment in the workplace is just as important in measuring a worker’s productivity as anything else.

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