Unarguably, electronic devices have become an important part of our life. Connectivity and productivity are two characteristics we feel can be improved with the assistance of a tablet or cellular device. Using these devices can help you navigate through cluttered days, boost productivity, and help connect your business together all in one synergistic flow.

Below we recommend 5 apps to download that can help your life be more productive and connected when used.

5 Apps to improve your daily workflow


Clear: $1.99

Pinch, swipe, pull. To-do lists don’t necessarily need to be difficult to set up. The easier the process, the more prone you are to use. Merely having your tasks listed out with a “pinch to update system” can work wonders on a crammed packed day. Clear offers a no-fluff approach, and a clean interface, allowing users to create lists simply and efficiently. Swipe tasks off as you conquer the day.

Why we like it: simple, clean, quick, and addictive to use. Our guess is that you’ll probably end up with a more productive day too!

Skype: Free

Although some of the main features might vary depending on your account type (regular or premium) Skype provides file transferring, video conferencing, live texting, and screen-sharing. This app can be great for business and remote office meetings, plus it’s free vs. other platforms like GoToMeeting.

Why we like it: Clean and simple user interface conducive for business communication.


Foursquare for Business: Free

Originally developed to be a location based social network with a game style of “check-ins” for users. Now with over 20+million active users, we feel this is a powerful platform for businesses to offer deals and encourage brand interaction. Within the past few weeks, Foursquare released a “Foursquare for business app” which offers detailed analytics and allows business owners to custom tailor promotions.

Why we like it: You can run promotions and track customers that engage with your brand. These results can be shared over multiple platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to drive more traffic to your brand.


CardMunch (Linkedin): Free

Keeping in touch is key. This is a brilliant app for people who are on the go and meeting prospects or clients. This app allows you to convert business cards to your address book and then add those new contacts as connections on Linkedin. You can even store notes on each contact to help you remember details about the person later on.

Why we like it: Relationship management is what matters in business, and this app helps. This app is so useful; there is a place for it in any type of business.


Kibits: Free to start, $9.99 monthly, $19.99 monthly – Depends on storage capacity

This is a team based project management app. Great app for you and your business because of a master hub, where team members can update project status’ all under one folder. Kibits syncs with Dropbox or Google Drive and is easy to set up. All sharing is in real time, live chatting, and creation of to do lists are a few of the powerful options within this app.

Why we like it: Productivity apps can be hectic if your users are not all integrated under one roof, this app provides the capability. Kibits is also a great solution for employees who work remotely.

Embracing these apps above can help you stay more productive with your personal and professional life. The trick is to experiment with these apps and those similar, to figure out the best way to stay on top of your busy day. If you always have a device around, we say use it.

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