Executive Innovators

Ayleen Kaladzhyan M.B.A.

Business Development Manager

Passionate about employee morale, job satisfaction and performance, as an IO psychologist, Ayleen listens closely to our clients to ensure we are finding the right solution option to fit their needs and maintain a strong company culture. Joining the MMC team in 2021, Ayleen is spreading the MMC cheer by partaking in community events, and in the field meeting new clients every day.

Raul Terrazas

Information Technology Manager

As a progressive and innovative technology manager Raul has a vast record of experience in designing and implementing IT management processes. Providing security best practices and processes for a wide range of IT infrastructures, metrics, reporting, and data analysis, making him a perfect choice for MMC’s database.

Shireen Meshkati, Esq.

General Counsel

As a graduate from USC – Gould School of Law, and UC Berkeley – Political Economy, she institutes several years of empirical as well as experiential deep understanding of labor and employment laws. With an emphatic yet special attention to details she bring with her a marked objective as an in-house counsel, a passion for counseling employers and employees to avoid litigations. Pronounced HR Compliance & policy implementation, investigative and remedial actions.

Adriana Rubio Keane, SHRM-SCP

HR Operations Manager

Adriana Rubio Keane joined MMC in 2011. Mrs. Keane is an HR professional with years of management consulting experience. She previously worked directly with MMC’s valued clients as their onsite liaison and now manages the operations of MMC’s talented team of HR managers and liaisons to ensure focused delivery of HR services to all clients. She is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University.

Pouya Rahmani

Talent Acquisition & Relationship Manager

Pouya Rahmani joined MMC in 2009. Mr. Rahmani has extensive experience in Client Relations & Consulting tasks. Prior to joining MMC, Mr. Rahmani gained Senior Talent Acquisition management experience as a key leader for mid-market business enterprises.

Shirley Tenorio

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Shirley Tenorio joined MMC in 2003. Ms. Tenorio works closely with MMC’s executive team in order to ensure that company objectives are met, she is responsible for ensuring that day-to-day processes run accurately and efficiently. Prior to joining MMC, Ms. Tenorio gained legal and business management experience as a key leader for mid-market business enterprises. She is an HR Management graduate of Loyola Marymount University, a licensed broker for Property & Casualty insurance, as well as Health & Life.

Paul Rahmani Flt. Eng.

Logistics & Procurement Manager

Paul Rahmani has been with MMC since 1994. Mr. Rahmani brings extensive domestic and international high-tech experience to MMC. Prior to joining MMC, he held key positions throughout the world as a flight engineer, technical instructor and leader for international airline and manufacturing corporations.

Nancy Barnes

Director of Finance

Mrs. Nancy Barnes has spent most of her career specializing in healthcare and business development practices, with both large and small international and domestic corporations. Her decades of experience allow her to provide exceptionally personalized service to MMC’s corporate office as well as our clients.

Deborah Rodriguez

Director of Client Services

Deborah Rodriguez has been with MMC since 2000. She and her team are responsible for assuring that MMC’s services are carefully tailored for client’s organizational needs. Ms. Rodriguez brings several years of sales, marketing and customer service experience. She was a key leader for AT&T’s business development division prior to joining MMC.

Mashi Rahmani M.B.A., Ph. D.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mashi Rahmani is the CEO and founder of MMC, and has also been the driving force behind the Innovative Management ApproachTM (IMA) portfolio of services. Dr. Rahmani has always focused on happiness in the workplace, with the goal of blending HR and human flourishing together.